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Your generosity will
save lives worldwide.

It all starts with your choice to act. You touch someone's life that starts a chain reaction of kindness. Families live healthier lives, have the opportunity to work toward a better future, and become empowered to be the best version of themselves. Your action has the power to transform a life, a family, and an entire village.




We are thankful to all our supporters, friends, donors, investors, partners, board, and stakeholders for their generous contributions. Every dollar invested will continue to create a ten-fold impact in communities in cherish. We are great stewards of every donated dollar- making sure that your contributions are being used to transform lives. 


Our volunteers are the heart and voice of our mission. Together, we sort and pack thousands of donated medical items to supply health heroes in the frontlines of care across the world. Every year, volunteers help repurpose and redistribute over 100 tons of medical donations to improve healthcare in communities around the world. 
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Request Medical Aid

We partner with leading medical institutions in the Texas Medical Center, Austin, San Antonio, and hospitals across the US. In-kind medical donors strive towards embracing a sustainable supply chain solution to make a social impact. Unused medical supplies and gently used equipment is greatly appreciated to strengthen global health care. 

Donate Medical Items

The doctors we serve keep communities healthy and empowered. The patients we serve live prosperous lives to keep on smiling, playing, dreaming, and thriving. Your generosity through medical donations can truly save lives by providing health heroes with the medical supplies and equipment  to give quality health care with dignity and respect.
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