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To address health inequities, we must work together.

Medical Bridges is a grassroots non-profit that brings caring people together to challenge healthcare inequities in a sustainable way. We know that in every community there are dedicated doctors wanting to care for people, but lack the necessities (gloves, needles, syringes, beds, etc.) to treat their community. In partnership with global health leaders we identify and help meet the needs of their patients. It is our dream to redistribute all medical surplus in the U.S to supply underserved doctors around the world. We want to build a strong foundation for an equitable and healthier tomorrow. 

For those who have a desire to be part of changing the world, we ask you to join our mission.


 “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Story

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Medical Bridges was created out of Dr. Patricia Brock and Dr. Peggy Goetz's, founders, experiencing first-hand the lack of medical resources at a clinic in Central America, Doctors healed with the little medical supplies and equipment however they were limited to the range of care they could provide.

What if health heroes had all the gloves and tools to treat patients?

Inspired by a REMEDY project from Yale University, Dr. Brock, Dr. Goetz, Hayne Blakely, began collecting and redistributing medical donations in their garages to help supply doctors in El Salvador and around the world. 

After a series of green lights, Medical Bridges became the Texas Medical Center's first healthcare recycler to collect and redistributes over a hundred tons of medical donations and surplus from from the U.S to pave the way to health equity sustainably.

Who We Are


Caring Friends

Medical Bridges can't do what it does without people like you joining them in prayer and financial support. Thank you for being a part of changing lives by partnering with Medical Bridges. 


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Leading global health experts

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